Monday, October 15, 2018
7:30 AM - 8:20 AM
Morning Coffee & Registration
8:20 AM - 8:30 AM
Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks
8:30 AM - 8:50 AM
Keynote Presentation From Headline Sponsor, DXC Technology
Brian Bacsu, Global Chief Technologist for Insurance, DXC Technology 
8:50 AM - 9:20 AM

Keynote Panel - Driving Incumbent Innovation With Insurtech: A View From The Board

  • Core Business Innovation v Disruptive Innovation: How to balance the need for future-proofing and long-term strategic goals with delivering incremental improvements to existing products and processes in the here and now

  • How To Build An effective Innovation Infrastructure: What organisational structures and business processes best support innovation and digitalisation efforts? Do semi-autonomous innovation hubs work? Or should innovation executives sit within the core business functions?

  • Develop A Winning Transformation Roadmap: Tackle the challenge of cultivating enterprise agility in a legacy environment and explore new architectures that enable you to create an interface between old and new to benefit from the burgeoning insurtech ecosystem

  • Meet Changing Customer Needs For The Digital Economy: Capitalise on the agile UX and digital expertise of insurtech disruptors to deliver products and services that better meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers

Madeleine Bailey - Global Head of Strategic Initiatives, MS Amlin
Nicolas Loeillot, Chief Innovation Officer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Groupe Mutuel
David Flandro, Global Head of Analytics, JLT Re
David Germain, Chief Information & Technology Officer, RSA

Maria Solano, Chief Technologist, DXC Technology

9:20 AM - 9:40 AM
Why Much of Today's Fragmented Tech Is Already Redundant: An Insurer Reviews A Year Working With Tech Company
  • The tension between short term tactical innovation and long term inter-operability. The lessons to be learned from banks and Ciso’s

  • Confusion between client need, client experience, insurance ‘lore’ and insurance silos

  • The Understanding Deficit; the growing gulf between people who speak insurance and the people who speak ‘tech’.

Alastair Speare-Cole, President of Insurance Division, Fractal Industries
9:40 AM - 10:10 AM

Keynote Panel - Disrupting The Insurance Value Chain: Failures, Learnings and Breakthroughs From The Digital Trailblazers

  • 2018: A Transition Year From Hype To Impact? Get a roundup of today’s insurtech landscape and track the ideas and opportunities that are being executed and delivering 12-24 month P&L impact

  • Disruptive Competition v Enabling Collaboration: Will the barriers to entry to becoming a full stack insurer lead to an army of ‘supplier insurtechs’ working in partnership with corporates? Or are digitally-led, legacy-free startup insurance companies the future of the industry?

  • Capture Opportunities Along The Value Chain: Where can insurtech add the most value – distribution, data/analytics, operations, claims/fraud?

Matt Poll, CEO and Founder, Neos
Romain De Maud'huy, Chief Transformation Officer, Motor and Travel, Axa Partners
Philippe Lafreniere, Chief Growth Officer, Slice
Polly Fishwick, GI Change Director, Legal and General

Chris Sandilands, Partner, Oxbow Partners

10:10 AM - 10:30 AM
Networking Coffee Break
10:30 AM - 10:45 AM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Early Stage Startup Showcase

Ben Hubbard, CEO and Co-Founder, Parsyl
Parsyl is a supply chain data platform that combines proprietary sensing hardware and large-scale data mining to deliver unprecedented supply chain insights, making it easy and affordable for insurers and shippers to understand the end-to-end context and quality conditions of products as they move through the supply chain. Customers use Parsyl’s predictive data and insights to improve shipping performance, manage compliance, scorecard vendors and reduce insurance costs. Visit www.parsyl.com.

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Iain Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer, GWT Insight

We are GWT Insight, we make visible what was previously hidden. Our internet of things (IoT) device breaks the barriers to cost-effective and comprehensive capture of data from old and new commercial buildings and what goes on within them. Cloud-enabled, near real-time and secure, our technology opens new doors for our clients to build innovative solutions, extend services, grow revenue and disrupt market segments. We create competitive advantage. We are GWT Insight.

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Partnership Power: Launch And Sustain Winning Collaborations With Startups

  • Discover what evaluation criteria is critical to identifying the most promising startups in an increasingly overcrowded market

  • Explore best practice for collaboration and tackle the bottlenecks to effective partnerships i.e. legal, procurement, data privacy, information security, and compliance

  • Align your investment strategy with long-term strategic goals and get practical advice on how to build a partner ecosystem with external VCs, accelerators/incubators, and specialist consultancies

Shelley Mills, Head of M&A and Ventures, Hiscox
Matthew Jones, Director, Investments, Anthemis Group
Minh Tran, Managing Partner, Insurtech Capital 
Richard Chattock, Chief Executive Officer, InsurTech Gateway

Helena Prokhorenko, Investment Associate, Highland Europe

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics

Data-Driven Business Transformation: Align Analytics To Corporate Strategy And Deliver Value From Inception to Implementation

  • What does product focused data transformation and a data-driven operating model look like?

  • Explore what it takes to leverage analytics in a context of diverse legacy data that sits in silos

  • Find a common language from multiple perspectives and build bridges between the board, business units, data/analytics and IT

  • Can data drive new sources of revenue? Treat data as your greatest asset and find ways to monetize your data for competitive advantage

  • Spotlight on AI: How to design and deliver an AI project that delivers business value from inception to implementation

  • Data-driven underwriting: What is the practical value for the insurance business?

  • Could cyber insurance provide the next big opportunity for a data-driven approach?

Huma Lodhi, Principal Data Scientist - Artificial Intelligence and Machine, Direct Line Group
Georgi Pachov, Global Practice Leader Cyber, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS)
Chris Smerald, Global P&C Claims Actuary, AIG

Graeme Newman, Chief Innovation Officer, CFC Underwriting

10:45 AM - 11:35 AM
Interactive Roundtable
Customer-Centric Claims: Focus In On The Biggest Customer Pain Points, And Harness Feedback To Remove Bottlenecks To A Seamless Customer Journey
  • Identifying The Pain Points: How do we go about it?

  • Feedback In The World of AI: Is this automated or do we still rely on manual feedback?

  • Monitoring Outcomes: How are they measured, and are they achieved?

John Pyall, Head of MGA Cockpit at Munich Re UK General Branch, Munich Re
11:15 AM - 11:35 AM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Case Study: Real use cases and implementation challenges for Blockchain in Insurance

  • Understand how platform benefits are being delivered 
  • Hear how customer implementation problems can be overcome 
  • Get to grips with the biggest challenges the industry still faces today

Ranvir Saggu, CEO & Co-founder, Blocksure

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics
Case Study: Connect the New Data World to the “Old World” of Underwriting
  • Use available data to better align risk and rate
  • Make a connection between new data and technologies like drones, AI, blockchain, etc. and rates
  • How WTW worked with an insurtech to help Tier II and III carriers compete with Tier I carriers and their data resources
Todd Rissel, Chairman and CEO, e2Value
11:35 AM - 12:05 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy
It's Not the Blockchain but the Network
  • Identify and address the strengths and weaknesses in today’s existing insurance network for specialty lines i.e. Lloyd’s

  • Tackle the challenge of frictional issues across a complex value chain and understand why attempts to reduce friction e.g. PPL have achieved limited impact

  • Understand why today’s cost structure puts the market at risk to competition from new entrants such as ZhongAn, PingAn, and Amazon

  • Get to grips with blockchain use cases that can resolve these issues by removing costs and allowing insurers to become more competitive, as well as enabling the creation of new products that were previously unprofitable

  • See why operating at the network level is crucial and discover the latest achievements from B3i and R3 made possible by getting the whole network on board

Richard Gendal Brown, Chief Technology Officer, R3
Paul Meeusen, CEO, B3i

Walid Al Saqqaf, Blockchain Innovation Lead, Beazley

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics
Case Study: IoT for Marine Cargo
  • IoT technology in Marine Cargo, creating new risk mitigation solutions

  • How will IoT give insurers greater insight into the provenance and quality of goods as they are transported around the world

  • Current limitations of the technology & lessons learned; how can we move the industry forward using new technology?

Hélène Stanway, Digital Leader, AXA XL

Case Study: Insurance and the API Economy. The Future of Insurance Distribution

  • Get up to speed with a comprehensive introduction to APIs and the API Economy

  • Understand how insurance already uses APIs but not extensively in the ‘API Economy’ sense

  • Discover what is already happening today and prepare to leverage the enormous potential of the API Economy for insurance

Guy Farley, CTO, Bought By Many

11:35 AM - 12:25 PM
Interactive Roundtable
Claims Innovation: Trends, Technology, Implementation and ROI
  • Explore the latest trends affecting claims departments today

  • Get up to speed with innovative use cases for technology and digital solutions

  • Consider the practical implications of implementing these solutions

  • Understand how to measure the resulting business benefits

  • Human v Digital: Understand where digital brings benefit and where customers require/want the human touch

Harriet Parkinson, Head of Portfolio Claims, Hiscox
David Clamp, Founder and Managing Director, Merlin Digital Consulting Limited

12:05 PM - 12:25 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy
Case Study: Design and Implement A Seamless Journey From InsurTech Disruption To Insurance Transformation
  • Tackle the challenges of insurer engagement with Insurtech: What works? What doesn’t? And why have there been limited successes of finding the value?
  • Spot the biggest opportunities for transformation in today’s market, including legacy IT, customer value propositions, new structures and capabilities
  • The next wave of InsurTech: Explore the different models emerging for working with Insurtechs and identify which models are generating the most successful engagement 
Dan Cole, Partner, Insurance & Digital, Technology and Analytics, Oliver Wyman
Raphaël Caruso, Engagement Manager, Insurance & Digital, Technology and Analytics, Oliver Wyman
Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Erik Abrahamsson, Founder and CEO, Digital Fineprint

An insurance-focused startup, Digital Fineprint is helping SME insurers and brokers to drive actionable insights from open data by using AI and predictive analytics. Our technology has received industry awards, patent pending status, strong traction and significant investment. We have been awarded “Best General Startup”, “Best InsurTech” at TDI,  “Best FinTech” at Invest UK, “Best Investment in FinTech”, featured in the “TIE 50 top startups” in the world, and were listed in the Top 100 insurtech firms 2018.

12:25 PM - 1:25 PM
Networking Lunch
1:25 PM - 1:40 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Will Brocklebank, Chief Executive Officer, Shepherd

Shepherd provides risk analytics for property management and insurance. We reduce the time taken to discover and fix property & compliance problems. Using Shepherd’s platform, insurers gain a deeper understanding of risk, allowing them to tailor policies to client needs and to offer new products and services around distressed or previously unattractive risks.

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, CEO and Founder, Tapoly

Tapoly is an insurtech platform that offers on-demand insurance to freelancers, contractors, and SMEs, with a focus on the sharing and gig economy. We act as both a distributor and a technology provider to established insurers who wish to explore these under-served markets.

1:40 PM - 2:10 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Build A Workforce Fit For The Digital Economy: Debate What It Takes To Acquire And Retain A Talented, Diverse, And Inclusive Company

  • What skills and attributes matter most in a technology-enabled job market?

  • Understand what practical steps the board can take to deliver an effective diversity and inclusion strategy and how to measure its impact on company performance

  • Debate what it takes to give people meaningful work in the digital age and explore novel approaches to reskilling and retraining existing employees

  • Tackle emerging challenges to recruitment and retention, including the growth of the gig economy and the threats and opportunities unleashed by Brexit

Sam White, CEO, Pukka Insure

Justine Lutterodt FRSA, Director, Centre for Synchronous Leadership

Cathy Taylor, Head of Commercial Underwriting and Operations, Ageas

Rupal Kantaria, Strategic Advisor for Social Impact and Co-founder of Mission INCLUDE, Oliver Wyman 

Gareth Eggle, Founder and Principal, Eggle Consulting

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics

Operational Excellence Is Not Enough: Harness Advanced Analytics To Drive Top-Line Growth With Product And Service Innovation

  • Unlock customer data to develop unique customer profiles to inform segmentation, messaging and customer relationship development

  • Harness analytics to better understand the needs and preferences of particular customer segments and identify new product opportunities through more granular insights into a customer’s risk profile and behaviour

  • Leverage customer data across silos and touchpoints to identify and resolve points of friction, reduce churn, heighten retention, and boost cross-sell rates

Liuben Siarov, Chief Data Scientist, Coya AG
Michael Muzio, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, now4cover
Paul Williams, Executive Chairman, Ripe Insurance
Mihkel Mandre, Chief Product Owner, Member of the Board, Swedbank

David Clamp, Founder and Managing Director, Merlin Digital Consulting Limited

1:40 PM - 2:25 PM
Interactive Roundtable
Explore The Business Case For Claims Automation: Reduce Costs, Increase Capacity, And Improve Service
  • What can commercial insurers learn from innovations in high volume and homogenous personal lines claims?

  • Will low volume, difficult to standardize, and unpredictable claims always require manual handling? Or can technology automate routine elements of big losses i.e. FNOL, review of invoices, assessment of service providers?

  • What is the appropriate rate of investment? Is claims transformation the purview of market leaders, or can a mid-size firm make the commercials stack up?

David Fineberg, Head of Claims UK, Generali Global Corporate & Commercial
2:10 PM - 2:25 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Sergej Tolz, COO/CSO, KASKO

Create any insurance product in weeks at a 10th of the cost of traditional solutions. KASKO offers an end-to-end insurance platform where insurers can design, run and manage insurance products within their own or third-party channels. These can be run totally side-by-side or later integrated into the insurer legacy system.

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Renaud Million, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Spixii

Spixii is an award-winning InsurTech company collaborating with insurers and brokers since 2016 on automating quote & buy, renewal and claims with insurance chatbot technology.

2:25 PM - 2:45 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy
Case Study: Transformation: It's all About Competence
  • Know what your competencies are and identify which competencies need augmenting in order to trigger positive change

  • Hear how to standardise your tech stack, simplify your supply chain, and drop activities that do not add value

  • Remove complexity in order to fully focus on digital transformation, and see how workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction follow

Lou Lwin, Chief Technology Officer, Markerstudy
Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics
3 Steps to Profit with InsureTech
  • 3 steps to profit with InsureTech

  • Improve the yield of commercial books by focusing on the sales pipeline

  • Integrate customer data (Salesforce) and pricing data (Excel) via the low-code platform EASA early in the sales path

  • Implement lead KPIs, measured against targets on a scoreboard, to turn around bad portfolios towards profit

Two real world case studies and a chance to win a bottle of Mulberry Gin!

David Hughes, Director, Mulberry Risk
2:45 PM - 3:00 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Early Stage Startup Showcase
John Rowlands, Insurance Lead, Flock

Flock is a London based, VC-backed insurtech startup, pioneering the use of Big Data in insurance.  Flock partnered with Allianz to launch its first product, ‘Flock Cover’, a pay-as-you-fly drone insurance app. Flock Cover dynamically prices hourly drone insurance policies using real-time data (such as weather conditions, proximity to high risk locations such as schools, traffic conditions, and more). Since launching, Flock Cover has gained thousands of users and now serves around 25% of the UK commercial drone industry.

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Jobst Landgrebe, Owner and Managing Director, Cognotekt

Cognotekt automates simple to medium-complex mental work using Artificial Intelligence. Business focus is insurance claims automation and mailroom automation. Core AI language technology Wernicke reads and interprets English and German. So far we have four live AI production systems in Germany (three of them for insurers), and will have 8 by the end of the year. Our main business proposition is drastic claim processing and significant indemnity cost reduction.

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Drive Operational Excellence Across The Value Chain: Where Can Investment In Emerging Technologies Add The Most Value?

  • Identify the sweet spots where investment in technology delivers the most value and offers the highest returns

  • Align your technology roadmap with business goals, and build the foundations that will support your long-term strategic view

  • Achieve measurable business outcomes by improving operational processes and reducing time to market – How can investment in blockchain drive transformational change?

David Schick, Group Chief Operating Officer, Aspen
Vikas Acharya, Chief Operating Officer, Chainthat
David Clamp, Founder and Managing Director, Merlin Digital Consulting Limited (former CIO @ Hiscox)

Dominique Roudaut, former Chief Underwriting-Product Officer, Global Accident and Health, Chubb

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics
Case Study: IoT for Worker Safety
  • Leverage IoT to identify risks in the workplace

  • Turn data into actionable insights and risk prevention solutions

  • Apply training techniques to help improve behaviour and reduce incidents

Marc Lehmann, Global Head of Client Service Development, Client Risk Solutions, AIG
Case Study: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data For Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Management
  • Discover a unique use case for the usage of Big Data to map the supply chain of commercial clients

  • Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to give clients greater visibility over their supply chain risks, without having to rely on access to a client’s data

  • Understand how big data collection and machine learning techniques can identify risk and support the insured to mitigate and avoid risks regardless of insurance products

Volker Muench, Global Practice Group Leader Utilities and Services, IT Communication (Property Insurance), Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS)

3:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Board Tech Talks A - Strategy

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Harry Franks, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder, Zego

Zego is the global insurtech company providing flexible commercial insurance for businesses and professionals. We provide flexible personal indemnity, motor, employer's liability and public liability policies, to self-employed persons, through to small and fast-growth businesses. Having identified the need for this whilst working at Deliveroo, we went from idea to launch in 3.5 months and now work with Uber, Deliveroo, Quiqup, Stuart,  plus dozens of others. The Zego application is directly integrated into the work-providing platforms to make sure that people are insured for exactly what they need but only for the time they need it. With our approach and offer, Zego has access to a £31bn addressable market in the UK and £500bn globally.

Board Tech Talks B - Data/Analytics

Early Stage Startup Showcase
Sreenivas Bandi, Founder/CEO, LedgerBlocks

LedgerBlocks is a tech-start-up focussed on innovating the application of DLT/Blockchain to leverage business benefits, which otherwise would not have been realised. In the insurance sector, LedgerBlocks is creating Parametric Insurance Platform, to actively mitigate risk occurrence there by reducing claims volume and amount. LedgerBlocks champions this through use of IoT, Advanced Analytics and Blockchain technologies. 

3:45 PM - 4:05 PM
Networking Coffee Break 
4:05 PM - 4:35 PM
Keynote Presentation - Is Blockchain a risky business?
  • Explore the latest use cases for Blockchain in the insurance industry
  • Get to grips with automated risk transfer protocols on a Blockchain 

  • Understand the new and old risks being introduced by blockchains and tackle how to deal with them 

Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, PhD, Director - Senior Economist, Willis Towers Watson
4:35 PM - 5:05 PM

Keynote Panel - 2018: The Year That IoT, AI and Blockchain Converge

  • The Brain (AI), the Backbone (IoT), and the Chain (Blockchain): Understand why the convergence of IoT, AI, and Blockchain marks a key turning point for the growth of digital ecosystems

  • Solving the Security Challenge: Could the permanence and transparency of blockchain technology tackle the vulnerability of IoT infrastructures and AI tools, and render hacking obsolete?

  • So What For Insurance? Explore what the intersection of IoT, AI and Blockchain means for the future of insurance. How will the convergence of emerging technologies impact established functions like actuarial, underwriting and claims?

Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, PhD, Director - Senior Economist, Willis Towers Watson
Stefaan de Kezel, Programme Director Innovation & Smart Synergies, Ageas
Sam Evans, General Partner, Eos Venture Partners

Manjit Rana, Founder & CEO, Ingenin

5:05 PM - 5:25 PM
Case Study: Insurance Innovation Labs: The Zurich Innovation Foundry story
  • Understand why innovation lab models can create disharmony, and deliver little beyond PoCs (proofs of concept)
  • Discover how a new breed of lab is emerging, of which the Zurich Innovation Foundry is a prime example
  • Benefit from key learnings from the Zurich experience

Dan White, Senior Partner, Ninety
Mark Budd, Head of Innovation, Zurich

5:25 PM - 5:55 PM
Case Study: Autonomy and the Challenges for the Risk & Insurance Industry

Vincent Branch, Chief Executive, Accelerate, AXA XL 

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Networking Drinks