Intelligent InsurTECH takes Networking to a whole new Level! 
Get involved with our Brella 1:1 Meetings 

Networking is a major benefit delegates and vendors enjoy at Intelligent InsurTECH Europe and we use 'BRELLA' to maximise your advantage.
Our Brella app allows users to sign up and create their own profiles. Based on your profile Brella recommends matches, enables meetings, sends messages - saving time and making networking effortless. 
Brella is now LIVE, so make sure you sign-up using the code sent to you by email.
  • Sign up and complete your profile to help Brella identify your business needs and availability
  • Let Brella's "matchmaking" algorithm make recommendations
  • Suggest, accept, or decline meetings before and during the conference
  • Brella finds a mutually available time slot and automatically reserves a table in our designated meeting area