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Registration and Morning Coffee in the Exhibition and Networking Area

Chairman's Welcome Address

Keynote Address

Panel Discussion - Best Practice for In-House IP Counsel: Invention Harvesting

Increasing Innovation with Diversity in Corporates

  • Practical Ways to Encourage more Diversity in Innovation Activities in your Company
  • The Impact of a Broad Invention Pool: Assessing the Benefits of Young and Old, Different Educational Backgrounds, Men and Women, and Differing Life Experience

Patent Box

  • Patent Box in the UK: 7 Years On
  • US and Europe Patent Box Results Who uses Patent Box now?
  • What is Considered Best Practice in using the Scheme?
  • Has Patent Box Encouraged Innovation in British Companies?
  • Have UK Patent Attorneys Benefited from Patent Box?
  • Might the Patent Box Scheme Change Again as a Result of Brexit?

Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

Global Artificial Intelligence Inventorship

  • Patentable Subject Matter in Europe: The European Patent Office Position UK IPO update
  • Assessing Current Developments in the US and China 
  • Detectability of Infringements – Why are People Filing Patents for Things They’ll Never Know are Infringed?
  • What Clarity do we need from the Global Patent Offices?
  • Insights from the WIPO consultation
  • Case Law Based AI Patentability Guidelines from the EPO

Computer-Implemented Simulations

  • Are Computer-Implemented Simulations in Principle Patentable?
  • Does the Nature of the System or Process Simulated Matter?
  • What Form should a Claim to a Simulation Take?
  • Patentability of Computational Modelling Internationally: A Multi-Jurisdictional Assessment
  • Focus on The European Patent Office (EPO) Enlarged Board of Appeal Case in G1/19-CONNOR/Pedestrian Simulation
  • Latest USPTO Guidance on Computer-Implemented Simulations

Assessing the Growing Relevance of the US PTAB Process: Predictions for the Coming Year

Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Area

Roundtable Discussion Groups

Protecting Computer-Implemented Simulations

How to Leverage Patents for Business Success: Licensing Strategies

Managing Your Outside Counsel: Domestic and International

Best Practice in Patent Portfolio Management

Writing Robust Patent Applications

Technology Patents Open Table: Solving Corporate Counsel Challenges

Patenting Artificial Intelligence

Best Practice in Invention Harvesting

Afternoon Tea and Networking in the Exhibition Area

How is the Doctrine of Equivalents Being Applied in Tech and Engineering Cases, since the Supreme Court Decision in Actavis v Eli Lilly?

Key Developments in Global Standards Essential Patents

  • Litigation Availability of SEP Licenses in the Supply Chain
  • Valuation and Pricing of SEPs

Royalty Stacking and its Impact on 5G/IoT Technology Developments and Deployments

In-house Counsel Day-to-Day Challenges in Securing and Protecting

  • What do Corporate Attorneys want from their Private Practice Counterparts?
  • How can the Two Sides Work Together Effectively?

Chairman’s Closing Comments and Networking Drinks