A year-long multiplatform global programme from WIPR

What is WIPR Influential Women in IP, and why are we launching the project?

With issues such as the gender pay gap consistently hitting headlines, there has been a lot of negative press surrounding law firms in particular, but also within IP-focused corporations.

It can be argued that the legal sector is one of the professions which already enjoys the highest number of women within its ranks but, although women outnumber men entering the legal profession, men still greatly outnumber women in the most senior positions, in law firms as well as corporations.

The possible reasons for this state of affairs are many, varied, and debatable. One thing that is certain, however, is that whether women are starting out in practice or have reached the pinnacle of their profession, it’s essential for them to be fully aware of the hidden, as well as the obvious, hurdles they face and, more importantly, how to overcome them and flourish to the peak of their abilities.

A great deal of evidence points to material differences in the success of a firm or corporation which has women as partners or at board level. These include a greater level of overall performance, improved governance, and a better reputation for the firm or company.

At World IP Review, we want to make sure that the world knows exactly what the IP sector is doing to improve gender diversity and the steps being taken to encourage women to stay in the workplace.

WIPR Influential Women in IP will provide a positive focus on the development and progress that women in IP have made in creating, protecting, and securing IP.

The project will reach the industry across multiple platforms including print, digital and conferences. Because we believe this is an issue that needs to remain topical, we will ensure ongoing content within a year-long programme starting in Spring 2019.

Topics to be covered in print and digital, as well as at three networking conferences throughout this year-long programme, include:

  • The current landscape for women in IP: how far have we come and where are we going?

  • What constitutes a successful career?

  • What are the inherent workplace subtleties to look for—and how can lawyers manage them?

  • How to empower women in the workplace

  • Developing a gender equality programme: what’s the value to your firm?

  • How do you measure outcomes and return on investment?

  • How can female lawyers take a seat at the table?

  • How can women secure first-chair responsibility?

  • Litigation: how to pitch for business

  • Assessing flexible working and its impact on earnings

  • Showcasing abilities: how to develop a career-long mindset

  • What is the value of mentoring to your firm or corporation?

  • How to be a good mentor

  • Choosing a powerful mentor

  • Identifying and seizing all opportunities for advancement

  • Effective salary negotiation strategies

  • Creating and growing a powerful network of contacts

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