Meet the startup companies disrupting the industry
Startup Tech Talks runs in parallel to Intelligent Automation in Insurance 2018. 
Your delegate pass grants you entry to these presentations as well as the rest of the main event programme.
  • Startup Tech Talks is an opportunity for delegates to find out more about the people and companies looking to disrupt current practices with technology solutions.
  • The programme features a series of elevator style presentations from around 20 of the most innovative and exciting AI and machine learning startups in the industry today.
  • Presentations run in tightly controlled 10 minute slots (including a brief Q&A session) throughout the day along with networking opportunities so you can find out more about the industry’s leading innovators.   
  • The startups are chosen by our selection committee after a thorough application and vetting process.

The Audience

  • Key stakeholders from traditional insurers, reinsurers and brokers who are looking to partner with, or invest in, the very best ideas that are going to fundamentally change the way insurance and reinsurance is bought, sold, priced, delivered and claimed,
  • Venture Capitalists with a specific interest in insurtech,
  • Traditional technology companies and consultants who want to understand both the threats and opportunities emanating from new startups.
Are you a startup involved in automation in insurance who would like to be involved in Startup Tech Talks?
There are limited slots still available, contact us to find out more.

Featured Startups

At Anorak we’re building the world’s smartest independent life insurance adviser with a mission to redefine the way millions protect their future. We’ve developed a new model for buying life insurance that enables us to make the right choice, not just the cheapest. Our service gives everyone access to tailored advice about their life and risks. Anorak is an easy way to offer personalised, regulated life insurance advice (and route to purchase) to customers.
Bdeo aims to revolutionise the claims management process with video streaming & deep learning technology. Bdeo connects the insured’s phone with the remote insurance agent in real time to perform damage assessment. With a simple SMS Bdeo manages to complete a geolocated video call to avoid fraud, enabling the taking of pictures, videos and measurements in order to complete a damage assessment. With the API & white label architecture, the integration with insurers is fast and efficient. 
coinScrap is an asset management app making saving as easy as spending. Our goal is to educate millennials on financial management and to enable them to save, using products depending on their financial knowledge and risk appetite. After every daily purchase, coinScrap users save by rounding up their transactions and automatically transferring the spare change to an adapted financial product, over the short, medium or long term.
CoVi Analytics simplifies compliance for banks and insurers based on an AI-powered SaaS suite. Our mission is to help compliance, risk and business teams simplify their dealings with an increasingly complex regulatory environment and automate repetitive activities.
Digital Fineprint helps insurers such as Hiscox, MetLife and Allianz use social media data to find and analyse new customers. The company’s end-to-end solution works for both personal and commercial lines of business, and has received industry awards including ‘Best Fintech in the UK’. The company is currently looking for new insurance partners and is expanding the team which is based in London. 
ForceManager is a pioneer in sales management software development based on mobility and simplicity. It allows sales directors to measure, analyse and improve their sales team’s efficiency thanks to its mobile CRM software designed for tablets, smartphones or smartwatches on all major devices. ForceManager works out of London, Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City and Bogota, with an international presence in over 30 countries around the world. Its clientele includes multinationals such as BASF, CEMEX, Generali, ThyssenKrupp, Ford and Verisure, among others. 
The InsureApp platform adapts insurance products to users’ real-time needs, with three value propositions based on lifestyle: telematics, embedded insurance and health & wellbeing. The telematics proposition is aimed at the automotive industry and takes into account the purpose of a trip and pure driving style (braking, etc). This enables better risk modelling and pricing and opens new possibilities for customer engagement (eg, coaching for safer driving).
Insurebot IVS, is the first humanoide robot insurance center in the world. They offer unbiased advice and prevention training. Insurebot IVS is a pre-seed venture between the founder, Raffael Maiani and Blue Ocean Robotics.
The Logical Glue Business Insight Platform, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, combines fast, accurate decision-making with meaningful, trustworthy insights, giving businesses an enviable competitive edge. Only the Logical Glue Business Insight Platform presents the rationale behind the predictions, enabling decision-makers to harness the collective power of automated actionable insights with their industry acumen. Decision-makers can interpret the information to generate smarter, more confident, customer-focused outcomes today.
Meteo Protect creates fully-managed parametric weather insurance products to protect businesses when the weather impacts their financial performance. A broker and underwriter based in Paris, and already active in eight countries, Meteo Protect covers risks anywhere in the world, and its solutions are supported by the largest insurers and reinsurers in the market. Meteo Protect is registered with ORIAS, and is a member of CNCIF.
Minalea developed the Smart Sales Assistant, the robo-advisor for P&C insurances sales forces. It analyses the insurance offers in a whole market and generates the perfect sales pitch for the vendors. The Smart Assistant scans the products’ contents and services from a market, and brings for the first time unique transparency on insurance products covers and services. This solution is designed for distribution networks: agencies and call centres, and can also be given online to the final customer with various user interfaces such as a chatbot. 
Nexar is dedicated to eliminating car crashes worldwide and democratising road safety through a free AI-based dash cam app. Anyone with a smartphone can record their drive, capture road incidents, receive safety alerts and, in the case of a collision, receive a detailed collision reconstruction report as irrefutable proof of what happened. Insurance companies gain a competitive edge with Nexar’s First Notice of Loss advantage and collision report. 
OnRisk is an insurtech startup that provides a digital platform for structuring high-value P&C risk. The OnRisk cloud platform introduces visual reasoning, or ‘computer-aided risk design’, into the risk structuring process. A risk professional can visualise and interact intuitively with each complex risk to facilitate the placement process and improve buyer outcomes. Industry adoption of such design tools will lead to the growth of dynamic risk structuring, where a buyer can modify its net risk position in real time, and will set the stage for the automation of back-office processes.
Photocert is the innovative photo certification technology for real-time, automated claim reporting. With an entirely mobile driven experience, Photocert leverages a customer-centric approach, empowering the customers and making claim reporting time and cost-effective. Thanks to Photocert, insurance customers can independently provide certified photographic evidence of their claim through the company app.
With a belief that the US prescription drug chain is broken by design, Remedy Analytics created PharmaLogicTM. This first-of-its kind technology dissects pharmacy claims and Pharmacy Benefit Management contracts to produce an ‘MRI’ of a company’s complex pharmacy spend, uncovering actionable information that saves millions of dollars and offering key insights into population health management.
SPIXII’s mission is to make insurance and financial services simple, personal and accessible.  We want to redesign our relationship with insurers and banks, so that the process of buying or filing claims is painless and hassle-free.
Traity measures people's reputation based on their internet footprint to enable a plethora new of risk-based services such as banking or insurance, where traditional credit scores will be replaced by trust, enabling fairer access and opportunities to millions of people who don't fit within the traditional box.
Virtual Broker Group is a startup that is dedicated to delivering digital solutions for insurance markets. Currently we develop a white labelled software solution, designed for retail distribution that combines a back-end business system, online sales and customer self-service portal and mobile application. The platform is developed as a cloud-based SaaS solution.
With Amodo’s connected customer suite, insurers leverage on digital channels and connected devices such as smartphones, connected cars and wearables to acquire and engage new customers. Amodo collects data from smartphones and other connected consumer devices in order to build holistic customer profiles, providing better insights into customer risk exposure and product needs. Following the analysis, risk prevention programs, individual pricing and personalised and ‘on the spot’ insurance products can be placed on the market, increasing the customer’s loyalty and lifetime. 
Flock is a London-based, venture capital-backed insurtech pioneering the use of real-time data to calculate drone flight risk. Flock has partnered with Allianz to launch its first product: Flock Cover, a mobile application providing pay-as-you-fly insurance for drones.
Schedule of Presentations
Startup presentations will run for 10 minutes per presentation with 2 minute interchange period. Below is an outline of the schedule. It will be continuously updated as new startups come on board so please check back for regular updates. You will notice that the breaks between sessions mirror the main agenda so that you can pick and choose which sessions to attend. 
10:10 - 10:30
10:30 - 10:40
10:42 - 10:52
10:54- 11:04
11:06 - 11:16
11:20 - 11:30
11:32 - 11:42
11:44 - 11:54
11:56 - 12:06
12:10 - 13:15
13:15 - 13:25
13:27- 13:37
13:39 - 13:49
13:51 - 14:01
14:05 - 14:15
14:17 - 14:27
14:29 - 14:39
14:41 - 14:51
14:53 - 15:03
15:05 - 15:15
15:17 - 15:27
15:29 - 15:39
15:39- 15:55
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