Enhancing & expediting claims management through digitalisation & automation

Moving to a customer-centric insurance claims process 


Bishopsgate One


Claims Tech Talks includes real life case examples on how insurtech solutions are driving claims digitalisation, and changing the claims process and customer experience.

Claims Tech Talks is one of the streams of our flagship event, Intelligent InsurTech Europe, and it runs from 9:40-13:05. It includes panels and presentations, as well as a networking coffee break and luncheon attended by Intelligent InsurTech Europe's wider audience.

Key topics include:
  • Moving to a Customer-Centric Insurance Claims Process
  • Machine Learning & Fraud Detection in Claims
  • Connected Insurance Claims & Artificial Intelligence
  • The Reinsurance Butterfly Effect: How Smart Content Management Affects the Overall Life Cycle of the Insurance Industry
Please find below the full agenda for the Claims Tech Talks stream.  
For further details please contact Elsa Costa at ecosta@newtonmedia.co.uk or on +44 (0) 203 301 8231
09:40 - 09:41
Claims Tech Talks Chair's Opening Remarks
Christian Wuestner, Deputy Editor
 Intelligent Insurer
09:41 - 10:30
Moving to a Customer-Centric Insurance Claims Process
Providing a user-friendly, automated claims model to win & retain customers
Charles Bush, Head of Property and Energy Claims
Zurich Commercial Insurance UK
Steven Wilkins
Head of Underwriting Insight, Hiscox
Rosaria Truppo
Co-Founder, Photocert
10:30 - 10:50
Networking Coffee Break & Visiting to Exhibition /Demo Area
10:50 - 11:20
The Reinsurance Butterfly Effect
How smart content management affects the insurance industry overall life cycle and namely claims
  • Document classification: impact on the processes
  • Business entity extraction: the value you don’t expect
  • The insurance  structured data world: automated analysis of legal clauses to infer portfolio kpi
Pierluigi Fasano, Head Enterprise Architect Reinsurance, Swiss Re
Cristian Mesiano, Head Data Scientist, Swiss Re; CEO and Founder, PerceptoLab
11:25 - 11:55
Connected Insurance Claims & Artificial Intelligence
How can cognitive technologies, automation and robotics pragmatically transform the claims process?
David Nichols, UKGI Chief Operating Officer, Zurich Insurance Company
LeX Tan, CEO & FounderMotionsCloud
Jody Tinson, Head of Business Transformation, Ageas (UK) 
Stewart McCulloch,  Head of Business DevelopmentNuvaLaw
Robert De Caux, Chief Product Officer, Logical Glue
11:55 - 12:15
How Digitisation Improves Receivables Management for Insurance
  • Applying digitisation and automation to receivables management
  • Creating a more efficient and frictionless process to help customers settle their outstanding bills
  • Live case study of a large multinational group in Germany
Steve Emecz, CCO, collectAI
13:10 - 14:15
Networking and Lunch Break
Following the lunch break this session regroups with the main agenda. You can find the afternoon sessions listed here